Over 1,100 people have registered for Trafalgar’s free e-learning courses to be better informed about the legalities and important principles for trustees, directors, owners, residents, caretakers and estate managers for community schemes. Feedback from a few of the participants shown below.

“It taught the basics in a a way that is relatable which makes it easy to understand. “


“It gave a lot of detailed examples, especially in the financial environment”


“Well structured, right amount of detail, inclusion of practical examples and legal views”


“Things we took for granted under sectional title management act that always cause conflict.The presentation of the course. Completed this course at the comfort of my home at my own pace. Very informative and i have already recommended this course to other colleagues.  The assessment although I struggled with the first module.”


“User friendly to navigate – the practical examples added a very every day realistic touch – the illustrations were fantastic and very humerous! also found the history interesting to see how the sectional title legislation has changed over the time , developed and adapted to different lifestyles


“the simplicity. easy to grasp. each module was short but detailed. with relevant examples. Just a suggestion: It would be nice to actually have this course as a requirement for all trustees passed it before they can be elected as a trustee.”


“I liked many aspects of the course. Exceptionally valuable 1. Simplifying legal aspects / rules, regulation and legislation. 2. Practical examples and other reference material. 3. Quotes from respective Acts. 4. Annexures. 5. Tests after each module. 6. Discussion forums and expert guidance. 7. Great online platform, equivalent to the platform used by University of Stellenbosch for Executive Development courses. 8. Self paced. 9. Relevant and up to date material. 10. Knowledgeable and professional administrators. 11. Great effort made to keep matters interesting and applicable. 12. It wasn’t over animated. I can only rave about this learning experience. Well done. If you do have any other courses offered, please let me know. It will be a privilege to participate. “


“the course bridge the gap of having to read STA, STSMA, SCOS act without understanding. the course helps in the interpretation of the relevant ACTs”


“Relevant, condensed, pitched at right level for novices,change of format throughout; excellent course-we engaged Trafalgar as a result of 2 trustees doing it “


“The course allows me to understand what is a Trustees and how the system works. It completed the knowledge I was trying to gather here and there.”