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Trafalgar has collated a variety of free training resources online to assist sectional title trustees and owners, as well as Directors of Home Owners Associations, to access relevant and practical information to perform their roles effectively.

Ranging from a 7 module e-learning course covering sectional title fundamentals particularly relevant to body corporate trustees and owners wanting a more detailed understanding of the legalities applicable to sectional title schemes, to topic specific short courses, there is a wealth of training material available on Trafalgar’s training web site.

There is also an opportunity to give recommendations for additional training topics to be presented by webinar and for a Trafalgar community scheme specialist to provide answers to questions and advice concerning particular case studies and challenges.


Our free e-learning courses are relevant for all stakeholders involved with community schemes in South Africa. The courses can be completed over a period of 2 months.


The webinar recordings cover a range of important topics and frequently asked questions, and are well worth reviewing if comparable challenges are arising at your complex. 

Online Guides

The written guides concern Trafalgar’s property management service and is  applicable to owners and Trustees in sectional title schemes.

Training Video

These Property Management Training videos, targeted at Trustees and Directors, aim to clearly and simply explain how and when important governance milestones can be achieved.


This FREE Sectional Title ‘healthcheck’ is a useful to double check the governance status of a sectional title scheme and to use as an action log of important compliance items to double check.


Take a look at our additional resources to find answers to common questions on all aspects of sectional title property and to determine the criteria involved in making purchasing decisions.


Do you have recommendations for additional training topics to be presented by webinar?
Please contact us to share your thoughts. We’d love to hear your ideas!

online training courses

Accessible & Manageable Courses

The CSOS Act prescribes that Scheme Executives (including Sectional Title Trustees and HOA Trustees / Directors) should be aware of the legislative environment applicable to their roles; hopefully the training resource made available by Trafalgar make this objective an accessible and manageable one. Definitely effective trustees and Directors are critical success factors for a well governed and maintained community scheme which not only promotes a harmonious and comfortable living environment, but also sees positive and consistent growth in property prices.

Benefits of Our Courses

Given most trustees and Directors are volunteers who generally allocate overtime in the evenings and over weekends to perform their roles without any form of monetary reward, Trafalgar recognises that training resources should be…

Time Efficient

Topic Specific


Online Access

Expert Support


“The simplicity. Easy to grasp. Each module was short but detailed with relevant examples. Just a suggestion: It would be nice to actually have this course as a requirement for all trustees passed it before they can be elected as a trustee. ”

“Well structured, excellent valid content which was well explained, provides excellent overview of all most important matters relevant to the roles & responsibilities of Trustees & better understanding Sectional Title.”

Why Choose Us?

Trafalgar specialises in comprehensive property management solutions for community schemes including sectional title, HOA, retirement, golf course and office complexes.

With a national footprint and 50 year track record, Trafalgar is a well-known property management specialist with the necessary skills, capacity and systems to match the needs of any community scheme.

Recognising that many Trustees and Directors are unpaid volunteers who allocate their personal time to serve their complexes and fellow residents for a fairly short term, Trafalgar offers a free advisory service and a range of short e-learning courses and webinars which can assist with providing relevant, practical and important legal information.

Caretakers also perform a very important oversight function on site and so Trafalgar has developed a 9 module e-learning course for caretakers to equip them to perform their roles in a confident, well informed and legally compliant manner.

Why Choose Us for your Training Requirements