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Training Resources

Sectional Title FAQ’s

Aiming to give simple and clear answers to a range of important and common questions about all aspects of sectional title property, there should be relevance and interest for most sectional title stakeholders.

Question of the Week

Questions of the Week

Each week we take a detailed look at questions relating to Sectional Title Schemes and the management thereof. Here you will find a compilation of all the questions and complete answers including reference to the STSM Act.


Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

Useful resources for POPIA compliance in community schemes which should be helpful for both registered information officers as well as all residents in community schemes interested to understand the implications of POPIA for themselves and the complex.



Download the Acts in Word format in order for you to be able to easily search for key words in the Acts

Training Resources - Evaluating a property purchase decision

Evaluating The Purchase Decision For A Sectional Title Unit

This course looks at the criteria that are relevant and important body corporate governance and financial elements which should be evaluated as part of a ‘due diligence’ of the body corporate to inform the purchase decision.