Sectional Title Healthcheck

There are a range of governance and legal requirements for sectional title buildings to comply with; elected trustees are expected to achieve and maintain these and there are risks both legal and financial for non-compliance. The summary ‘healthcheck’ shown below is a useful summary to double check the governance status of a sectional title scheme and to use as an action log of important compliance items to double check. A managing agent where one is contracted, will be able to significantly assist with many of the items concerned. Trafalgar conducts standard ‘healthchecks’ for all new buildings which we take on, and all identified gaps are addressed as far as practically possible during the take-on process to improve a scheme’s legal and governance compliance and management effectiveness.

Please complete the Health Check form:






    Are you currently a Trustee? YesNo

    Have you been a Trustee before? YesNo

    Is your scheme currently managed by Trafalgar?
    . YesNo

    Scheme name:

    Physical address:

    Number of Units:


    1. Has your complex had an AGM within the last year?
    . YesNo

    Date of last AGM

    2. Are there signed audited financial statements for the last financial year?
    . YesNo

    Financial year-end date of last signed audited financials

    3. Is your complex registered with CSOS and are all owners being charged CSOS levies?
    . YesNo

    CSOS Reg No.

    4. Has a CSOS annual return been submitted within 4 months of the financial year end?
    . YesNo

    5. Have the conduct rules been modernised and customised, as well as been approved by CSOS to be enforceable?
    . YesNo

    6. Has a 10 year maintenance plan been drafted and approved at the last AGM?
    . YesNo

    7. Has an insurance replacement valuation survey been done within the last 3 years?
    . YesNo

    Date of last Survey

    8. Is the body corporate insured together with public liability, fidelity and trustee indemnity insurance?
    . YesNo

    Insurer and Policy Number

    9. Is the body corporate registered for tax and up to date with annual tax returns?
    . YesNo

    Tax Reg Number

    10. Are queries concerning maintenance, levy accounts and conduct rule enforcement attended to quickly and effectively?
    . YesNo

    11. Are there maintenance reserves reflected in the audited financials presented at the AGM to fund preventative maintenance?
    . YesNo

    Value of current maintenance reserves

    12. Is the body corporate municipal account in the correct body corporate account name, and is the account up to date?
    . YesNo


    Would you like a Trafalgar representative to contact you to discuss any gaps you have identified above?
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    Please note any other legal, governance or operational questions you would like to discuss with a Trafalgar sectional title specialist.