What is the difference between a Resolution of Trust and a Proxy for a meeting?

The STSM Act gives any owner unable to attend a meeting to appoint a proxy to represent him/her at the meeting.

Section 6

(5) A member may be represented in person or by proxy at such meeting: Provided that a person must not act as a proxy for more than two members. 

PMR 20

(6)   A proxy need not be a member, but must not be the managing agent or an employee of the managing agent or the body corporate.

If the registered owner however is a company / trust / CC we need to ensure that the Directors / Trustees / Members have agreed on the person representing them at the meeting.  This is where the Resolution of Trust comes in – this is a document we have them sign to appoint someone to represent them.  It is then also possible for that appointed person to give proxy to someone if they cannot attend the meeting – we then need two forms for that section – the Resolution of Trust as well as the Proxy form.