Managing volumes of meetings

Our Portfolio Managers get overwhelmed sometimes with the number of meetings they have to attend. If you manage 30 complexes and you have to attend each one’s AGM as well as 4 Trustee meetings for each one that amounts to a lot of meetings (not mentioning SGMs and extra Trustee meetings) How can we deal with these better?

The answer to this sits in the STSM Act:


PMR 11(2)

The trustees may by written resolution set the dates of and a standard agenda for their future meetings and delivery of a copy of this resolution is considered adequate notice of all such future meetings.

Get your Trustees (at the first Trustee meeting after the AGM) to set dates for their meetings for the whole financial year.  Including setting a date for the Budget meeting before the AGM and the date of the AGM itself.  By being pro-active like this everyone knows in advance when the meetings will take place – and can schedule their calendars around this.  Obviously sometimes live happens and a date have to be moved but that can then easily be done well in advance.

Even though the STSM Act don’t apply to HOA’s you can check your MOI / Constitution and should be able to do the same for your HOA’s