Notice for the Body Corporate AGM has been sent out to all members. It was subsequently found that the budget or some other document was incorrect. How can this be remedied without having to recall the meeting and set a new date?

When there are only ordinary resolutions on the agenda of the AGM then only 14 days notice have to be given of the meeting. 

Quote from the STSM Act

PMR 15(1) Subject to sub-rule (7), at least 14 days’ written notice of a general meeting specifying the place, date and hour of the meeting must be given to— 

(a) all members;
(b) all registered bondholders;
(c) all holders of future development rights; and 
(d) the managing agent.

The STSM Act also states that all documents relevant to the meeting must be attached to the notice of the meeting.

PMR 15(3) The notice of a general meeting must be accompanied by at least 

(a) an agenda, as required in terms of these rules;

(b) a copy or comprehensive summary of any document that is to be considered or approved by members at the meeting; and

(c) a proxy appointment form in the prescribed format.

So if a document was not added to the original notice – where you did give 14 days notice – or it was found that a document that was sent with the original notice is incorrect – like a budget for instance then you can fall back on the portion of the STSM Act that states that short notice may be given of a meeting – based on a Trustee resolution due to the urgency.

PMR 15(7) A general meeting may be called—

(a) on 7 days’ notice if the trustees have resolved that short notice is necessary due to the urgency of the matter and set out their reasons for this resolution; provided that the trustees must not take such a resolution in regard to a meeting referred to in rule 29(2) or (4);

(b) on less than 14 days’ notice, if this is agreed to in writing by all persons entitled to attend.

So that means that you can still send the new/replacement document if there are at least 7 days left before the meeting.

If less than 7 days you will have to reconvene the meeting and give proper notice with the correct documents – or if it is a small scheme you can get ALL owners to agree to the short notice period in writing.