References in the STSM Act

References in the STSM Act

Section 1 deals with the definitions under the Act

Section 2 is about the Body Corporate

Section 3 lists the Functions of the Body Corporate

Section 4 and 5 lists the powers of the Body Corporate

Section 6 deals with Meetings of the Body Corporate

Section 7 is about the Trustees

Section 8 details the Fiduciary position of Trustees

Section 9 deals with proceedings on behalf of the Body Corporate

Section 10 deals with Rules

Section 11 deals with the effect of quotas and the variation thereof

Section 12 deals with expropriation of common property

Section 13 lists the duties of owners

Section 14 details Insurance by owners

Section 15 deals with the recovery from owners of unsatisfied judgments against bodies corporate and non-liability of bodies corporate for debts and obligations of developers

Section 16 deals with the appointment of Administrators

Section 17 deals with the destruction of or damage to buildings

Section 18 deals with the Sectional Title Schemes Management Advisory Council

Section 19 deals with Regulations

Section 20 deals with the amendment of the Sectional Titles Act – Act 95 of 1986

Section 21 deals with Transitional arrangements

Section 22 is the short title and deal with the commencement of the Act