Remuneration of Trustees

Can a Trustee be remunerated for being a Trustee?

This is possible yes – and it is normally called an Honorarium.

The STSM Act differentiates between Trustees that are owners and Trustees that are not owners.


For Trustees that are owners the Act states that you need to first pass a special resolution before they can receive an honorarium:



PMR 8(2) Unless so determined by special resolution, trustees who are members are not entitled to any reward, whether monetary or otherwise, for their services as such

For Trustees that are not owners the Act states the following:

PMR 8 (3) Trustees who are not members may be rewarded for their services as such; provided that any reward, whether monetary or otherwise, must be approved by a resolution of the body corporate as part of the budget for the scheme’s administrative fund

So that would be an ordinary resolution to approve the budget.

Over and above this Trustees are entitled to receive a refund of any expenses they had to incur on behalf of the Body Corporate: 

PMR 8. (1)        The body corporate must reimburse trustees for all disbursements and expenses actually and reasonably incurred by them in carrying out their duties and exercising their powers