Appointing a Chairperson

At the first Trustee meeting after the AGM, when appointing a Chairperson, can I vote for myself?

Some people say no – because they refer to PMR 14(3)(b)

PMR 14

  • A trustee is disqualified from voting in respect of —
  • any proposed or current contract or dispute with the body corporate to which
    the trustee is a party; and
  • any other matter in which the trustee has any direct or indirect personal

But if you think about that in a practical sense you understand that that is not a valid argument.  The Chairperson must be elected from the number of Trustees; if all the Trustees who are nominated cannot vote who will remain?

So yes when voting for the appointment of a Chairperson at the first Trustee meeting after the AGM you can vote for yourself