Slaugthering of animals

One of the Trustees approached us as they overheard the residents in one of the units in the scheme. The residents were planning Christmas Dinner and discussed the slaughtering of a chicken in their garden. How does this work in Sectional Title?

We must take into consideration that there is a right under the Constitution of South Africa for South Africans to be able to live out their religion.  So ritual slaughtering of animals as part of practicing your religion cannot be prohibited by the Body Corporate rules, but the Rules may contain conditions to be met ito the slaughtering.  For example that prior notice must be given to the Trustees and or neighbours; how to deal with the blood etc.  They must also check the specific Council Bylaws of their area ito this – to determine if specific permission needs to be obtained from Council etc.

The question that remains – is slaughtering a chicken in my garden for Christmas dinner a ritual slaughtering or not?