Cannot get a special or unanimous resolution passed

We did a Round Robin resolution on our Conduct rules and were not able to achieve the requirements for the special resolution needed. What can we do now? Do we have to go to CSOS now?

There is a provision in the STSM Act that should a Body Corporate not be able to obtain a special or unanimous resolution they have the option to approach CSOS for relief.


(9) A body corporate or an owner who is unable to obtain a special or unanimous resolution may approach the chief ombud for relief.

The first thing CSOS is going to ask though is – Did you try all avenues to get the resolution passed?

So basically, if you have done a Round Robin and it did not work you should also try having a meeting to get the resolution passed – before you go to CSOS.

In the case of Conduct rules, you will also have to go one step further – ask why the rules were not approved and make changes to the rules until you can get them approved.