Security Gates / Burglar Bars

Security Gates / Burgler Bars

Your complex’s Conduct Rules will deal with this matter – if not, the Prescribed Conduct Rules will prevail in this regard:


  1. The owner or occupier of a section must not, without the trustees’ written consent, mark, paint, drive nails, screws or other objects into, or otherwise damage or deface a structure that forms part of the common property.
  2. An owner or occupier of a section must be considered to have the trustees’ consent to install a locking or safety device to protect the section against intruders, or a screen to prevent entry of animals or insects, if the device or screen is soundly built and is consistent with a design, colour, style and materials approved in writing by the trustees.
  3. The owner or occupier of a section must keep a device installed under sub-rule (2) in good order and repair.