Payment Options

Payment Options


Debit orders are the preferred payment channel from a convenience and cost effectiveness perspective

Debit orders are generally processed on or shortly after the 1st of each month. Trafalgar does offer variable date debit orders for special timing requirements.

Please ask your local Trafalgar Branch for a Debit Order form to be completed and returned to our office.

Please remember to cancel your debit order with the previous managing agent if one is in place. If you have a stop order set up at your bank, please amend it with Trafalgar’s banking details.

Debit orders may be set-up for variable, variable with limits and fixed value options. Please note that should a specific option not be selected we will proceed to select the first available option, namely the variable option as a default.

Some of the advantages of using debit orders as a preferred payment channel are:

  • Your payment will reach us well before the 7th of each month.
  • Should you have selected the “Outstanding balance” option on the Debit Order form, your account will never be in arrears and no collection charges can be raised (including interest).
  • You do not have to fax any proof of payment to our offices and there will be no payment referencing issues.


Monthly payments may be made at any Standard Bank branch nationally. Branch deposits using the pre-printed M65 deposit slip appearing at the bottom of the monthly levy statement are strongly recommended in preference to deposits using a generic branch deposit slip. Deposits using a generic deposit slip should be carefully referenced using your Trafalgar account number shown directly below the Trafalgar staff contact details on the top right of your monthly levy statement.

The advantages of using the pre-printed M65 deposit slip are:

  • You always receive a valid bank receipt.
  • Correct payment referencing is pre-printed on the M65 deposit slip avoiding payment referencing issues

Trafalgar’s relevant bank account details are recorded in 4.4 (c) below. Cash deposits at a Standard Bank branch will attract a cash deposit fee charged to your levy statement at Standard Bank’s cash deposit fee rate. Cash deposits should be avoided as far as possible due to the significant bank charges concerned. One of the other payment channels should be utilized due to significantly reduced bank charges.


(made payable to Trafalgar Property Management) may be made directly at a Trafalgar office or mailed to our offices at the postal address shown on our website.

Our office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 08h15 to 16h45 and Friday from 08h15 to 16h00. For security reasons we do not accept any cash payments at our offices. Posted levy payments should be avoided as far as possible due to unreliable postal delivery and potential delays. Please record your Trafalgar account reference number on the back of a cheque payment for assisting efficient payment allocation.


(a) If you bank with Standard Bank please use our CDI number: 0058220071049 which will link the payment to the correct Trafalgar bank account
(b) If you bank with ABSA or FNB please select our Company name on the preloaded Company Directory/List
(c) If you do not bank with Standard Bank, ABSA or FNB, please use the following details: Trafalgar Property Management, Standard Bank; Account number: 270739335, Branch code 051001

NB: There are no banking details on the levy statements – the 11 digit account number shown on the levy statement is your account number at Trafalgar. This should be used as a reference number to show on our bank statements – please make sure of this when you set up a debit order at your bank.

Proof of any payments made can be faxed to your nearest branch or emailed to