When maintenance or repairs are needed a number of questions need to be asked to determine the responsibility for the costs thereof.

  • Everything on the common property is the responsibility of the Body Corporate – with the exception of the geysers – the Act specifically makes the “hot water installation” the responsibility of the relevant owner.
  • Everything inside a section is the responsibility of the owner
  • If it is an exclusive use area the rules creating the exclusive use rights will determine who will be responsible for maintenance. If the exclusive use rights were created on the sectional plans the Body Corporate will be responsible for the maintenance (to be funded by the exclusive use levies recovered from these owners)
  • In terms of the Act the responsibility for outside windows and doors will be split 50/50 between the owner and the Body Corporate.
  • Should there be a problem between two (or more) sections there is no common property involved and the matter should be settled between the two (or more) owners. The Body Corporate should not get involved other than to give the relevant owners each other’s contact details.  If it is for instance a water leak emanating from one unit to the next and the owner of the section where the problem originates from refuses to have the necessary repairs done the Body Corporate can enforce PMR 31 and give the owner a deadline to do the maintenance failing which the Body Corporate will have it done for his account.  The Body Corporate can however not force their way into any section.

Should any maintenance be needed on the common property you can contact your assigned Portfolio Manager who will manage the process further.  In terms of a decision made by the Trustees or a direction given by the owners at a General meeting a determined number of quotes will be obtained for the maintenance needed.

We also have an afterhours emergency maintenance number that differs from branch to branch that is given to all owners in their letter welcoming them to the complex.