Sectional Title Trustee Training

Sectional Title Trustee Training

Many Trustees are elected at Annual General Meetings (“AGM’s”) with limited exposure to the role expectations, applicable legal framework and practicalities of the role. Serving as a trustee generally comes with encroachment on personal time, with no form of direct compensation or visible appreciation from other members of the body corporate. Nevertheless, the role is very important for the long-term success of a body corporate (in all respects: property asset value growth; maintenance and presentation of the common property and effective enforcement of the rules for a harmonious living environment).


This free e-learning course is presented as a short and practical guide to equip new trustees with the necessary legal and practical knowledge to fulfill their roles confidently and effectively, in compliance with important legal and governance requirements for managing sectional title schemes. The topics have been ordered in a time sequence from the AGM where new Trustees are elected and to follow the progress through the financial year from the AGM. Thereafter general topics will be discussed. 

There are links throughout to more detailed information should specific issues and topics of interest arise, which require more information and depth. The applicable legislation is linked and accessible in a searchable format within the resources section together with suggested reading, useful web site links and a number of annexures which include relevant and important standard templates. Should you have any questions, require clarification or need advice concerning your role as a trustee, Karien Coetzee, Trafalgar’s Sectional Title Consultant with over 20- years’ experience will be available from the e-learning platform to answer any questions and participate in a discussion forum. There will also be quizzes throughout to test your knowledge and to identify any gaps which may require further reading.

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