Leveraging now familiar, low cost and convenient webinar technology which has grown exponentially throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, Trafalgar has launched a series of monthly webinars focused on practical tips for Sectional Title Trustees and HOA Directors covering a series of important and topical operational issues.

The overall objective is to equip Trustees and Directors with practical tips and recommendations to perform their roles more effectively and confidently. Incorporating a brief review of relevant legislation, short case studies and practical tips, an experienced panel of Trafalgar staff then answer questions from the audience.

Webinar recordings will be available on this page and also from Youtube for those who were not available to attend, or who may want to refer back to the contents. Any questions arising from the webinars may be directed to karienc@trafalgar.co.za or andrews@trafalgar.co.za.

Practical Tips for Enforcing the Conduct Rules for Sectional Title Trustees and HOA Directors

Practical tips for enforcing the conduct rules for sectional title trustees and HOA Directors: correctly approving and enforcing conduct rules is a challenge for many Trustees and Directors, nevertheless a very important part of their role scope and responsibilities. This 1 hour webinar outlines the relevant legal framework, covers a few recent case studies and addresses a range of participant queries to give a better and more practical understanding of what can be done to better enforce the conduct rules. A decisive escalation to CSOS if internal remedies have failed is an important next step for an external review and binding ruling to be achieved.

Effective Arrear Levy Collections for Sectional Title Trustees and HOA Directors

Effectively collecting arrear levies is essential for consistent cash flow for a sectional title scheme or HOA to meet service delivery and creditor payment expectations. Most community schemes do not budget for arrear levies and hence the importance of minimising levy arrears. This recorded webinar provides a brief overview of the legal context for correctly raising levies and then describes the pre-legal and thereafter legal processes applied for effective levy collections. A number of practical tips are also suggested to impose leverage and inconvenience on owners in arrears to persuade them to prioritise the payment of their levies. A specialised collections attorney concludes the discussion with comments concerning current Court and sheriff timelines considering the disruption and backlog created by the Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent alert level regulations. Contact details are given at the end for any questions which may arise.

Effective Budgeting and Financial Management for Sectional Title Trustees and HOA Directors

Effective budgeting and financial management are at the core of property management success and directly impact both property values and lifestyles for residents. This webinar outlines a variety of best practice recommendations for Trustees and Directors of sectional title schemes and HOA’s to achieve long term budgeting and financial management confidence and sustainability.

Sectional Title and HOA insurance for Sectional Title Trustees and HOA Directors

Sectional Title and HOA insurance may not be the most familiar topic to many owners and residents in community schemes, but given the risks and costs concerned, is an extremely important topic. This webinar covers the legal requirements for insurance, the types and limits for insurance cover and an overview of the claims process.

Maintenance in sectional title schemes & 10 year maintenance plans

Effective maintenance is essential for many reasons: presentation of the complex and common property; positive first impression; lifestyles and property asset value growth. This webinar covers the legislative provisions in terms of sectional title maintenance, a step by step guideline for compiling and updating 10 year maintenance plans and concludes with important maintenance focus areas and priorities in a community scheme.

Roles & Responsibilities of Sectional Title Trustees

This webinar summarises the powers and responsibilities of a body corporate assigned to sectional title trustees as an outline of their roles and responsibilities. Trafalgar has a 7 module e-learning course for sectional title trustees or interested stakeholders which is an opportunity to obtain further information and a more detailed understanding take a look at our Courses page.